Among the green Ligurian hills is Valloria, a small fraction of the municipality of Prelà, 15 km away from Imperia. An ancient medieval village with stone houses, with narrow streets that climb and intertwine, but with a very special title: Valloria is the village of painted doors!

Visiting Valloria is like entering an open-air art gallery.
Among the alleys and behind the most hidden corners there are real works of art: 158 painted wooden doors that give the village a unique charm.

They are doors of houses, warehouses, stables, which have become canvases available to the imagination and creativity of Italian and international artists, who have used various styles and techniques and have depicted ever-changing subjects and themes.

Valloria, the village of the street art

This curious initiative was born in 1994, when a group of friends from the village decided to organize activities to revive the town. So, every year, on the occasion of the summer event A Valloria Fai Baldoria, some artists are invited to decorate the doors, always adding new works of art to the Valloria collection.

In addition to the painted doors, Valloria is decorated with four murals. Entering the town there is a large mural depicting the olive harvest, the traditional activity of this area.

In short, the doors of Valloria are always open to art!

by Rita Pistore

06 October 2020