Art & Culture

“Un’opera d’arte per divenire immortale deve sempre superare i limiti dell’umano senza preoccuparsi né del buon senso né della logica” Giorgio de Chirico

No country in the whole world can boast an artistic-cultural heritage like that of Italy.
When we talk about Italy, we talk about art with capital A, a word that contains in itself countless meanings:
Art of painting, of sculpture, of acting, of writing, of music, of photography and so on.
Art that expresses itself in all its forms, through thought, observation, manual skills, the genius of the Artist who brings it to life!
Art accessible to its places of worship: museums, theaters, libraries, exhibitions!
Art that becomes the true nourishment of the soul, without which no man can feel himself so close to the Universe that surrounds him.
From north to south, and on the islands, over 300.000 square kilometers entirely covered by artistic, historical and naturalistic beauties: this is Italy!
Any person in the world should have to right but also the duty, to know, appreciate, enhance and protect this immeasurable World Heritage Site!
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